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Fall Arrest System - Over The Head Details

Portable fall protection device with horizontal and vertical freedom

RETROGUARD is a Retractable Life Line with horizontal and vertical freedom. Retroguard is a compact and portable device which provides complete freedom of movement, both horizontal as well as vertical. The device consists of a cable and a patented centrifugal locking/braking mechanism. The spring loaded drum virtually eliminates the risk of cable slack, maintaining constant cable tension. This whole mechanism is enclosed in a durable housing which is painted bright red, thus ensuring maximum visibility.

The cable of the Retroguard device has a specially designed hook at the free end which snaps on to the belt which the worker wears. In case of an accidental fall, the centrifugal locking mechanism is immediately activated, arresting the fall gently. Thus, the worker does not fall down but remains suspended, and can begin working again almost immediately. Even in case of an injury to the worker or the worker becoming unconscious, the Retroguard will save him as he remains attached to the mechanism and can be saved by his colleagues.

This equipment is extremely useful to personnel working at heights in areas such as roof- tops, oil rigs, mines, construction sites, elevator shafts, loading/unloading bays etc. Retroguard is available in three different lengths, i.e.M6, M15 and M25.

An illustration of the equipment is given above which will provide clear picture of how the Retroguard operates.

Normal operations of loading and unloading are presently carried out in very unsafe manner and there is always a risk to the worker doing the physical work. The Retroguard system is for safety of the worker during operation.

Retroguard for Loading/Unloading bays/areas:

This system is basically a variation of the basic Retroguard unit, which has been adapted to suit the typical conditions encountered during the loading or unloading of material in a godown or similar area. It consists of the basic Retroguard unit which is attached to a rail or rope which runs across the working area. The exact layout of the rail/rope depends on the size and shape of the working areas as well as the type of material handled. The worker wears the unit and moves across the workplace carrying the material during the loading or unloading operation.

The typical installation of this unit is shown above. It can be seen that the system provides complete freedom of movement to the worker across the area besides protecting him/her from accidental falls, thus reducing the chances of him/her being crushed under the material he/she is carrying.

The system finds use in the transport industry as well as all other industries where bulk storage of material and their movement to and from such place is a frequent occurrence.

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